Christian Luhmann

Christian Luhmann

Alexandra Ortmann

Alexandra Ortmann

PhD Student
Cognitive Science (2019-current)
Alex is interested in how social interactions impact cognitive processes, especially decision making.

Mengxing Wang


PhD Student
Clinical Psychology (2019-current)
Mengxing is interested in the mechanisms and classification of psychopathology.

Medhini Urs


PhD Student
Cognitive Science (2020-current)
Medhini is interested in the cognitive factors involved in economic and social decision-making.

Weiling Li


PhD Student
Cognitive Science (2021-current)
Weiling is interested in how AI affects decision-making processes in both individuals and groups.


Kelli Johnson (PhD, 2020)
Philip Loatman (PhD, 2019)
Elizabeth Trimber (PhD, 2018)
Kodi Arfer (PhD, 2016)
Michael Bixter (PhD, 2015)
Pei-Pei Liu (PhD, 2015)